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Multilayer high precision PCB

Product Name: Module board


Layer count:4

Board thickness:1.2m

Base materials:FR4 S1141

Finished size:144*132mm

Surface finish:Lead-free tin

Line width/line space:6/6mil

Minimum hole:0.30mm

Solder resist color:Sensitive green

Cu thickness:inner layer 1 OZ outer layer 1 OZ


1, on four sides of the board with metallized semi hole design, the product of small aperture, hole spacing is small, semi hole Banduo for Bluetooth module, security monitoring module;

2, in the process of PCB production process need to design special processes to protect the plate edge of the semi hole metallization, and no metal burr;

3, due to the production process is longer, usually relatively ordinary plate of the delivery period will be slightly extended 1--2 days;

4, with a half hole design of the board can not do the gold plating process, you can choose heavy gold, tin lead tin, lead-free tin spraying.

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