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5G has become the focus of attention of the current MWC, the major manufacturers

2017-03-15 12:05:17

NetEase science and technology news, according to the Financial Times website reported that is scheduled to be held in late February each year, the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) is the telecommunications industry event. This year, MWC attracted about 100 thousand people, participants from various sectors of the communications industry, from the base station manufacturers to mobile device manufacturers, including mobile application developers.

Fifth generation mobile communication system (5G) has become the focus of attention of the current MWC. As a new generation of network technology, 4G can provide faster communication speed than 5G. It is expected that this year there will be as many as 200 operators to launch 5G services, 5G will be fully popularized in 2019.

More rapid network is considered to be a major boost in the telecommunications industry. Meanwhile, governments in Asia, the United States and Europe are also fighting for the lead in new technology.

A survey by the British O2 company predicts that by 2026, the UK's 5G coverage will increase by 7 billion pounds per year for the UK economy, which is affected by the deployment of optical fiber in 2009 of two times.

MWC's network device manufacturers are pushing for a perfect vision of a fully digital connection. But some question whether the 5G Utopia can become a reality, especially in the case of the current profitability of the telecommunications companies are not willing to pay for the upgrading of the network. In Europe alone, the cost of upgrading the 5G network may be 56 billion euros.

An analyst at the General Assembly began to realize that there was no such thing as a network technology that was so heated in the early days. "Maybe it's because there's nothing else to talk about." He said.

NOKIA will also join the 5G market competition, as network equipment manufacturers compete with Ericsson and HUAWEI. At the same time, NOKIA has also been acquired by Microsoft after three and a half years, the first time to return to the consumer smart phone market.

Some people believe that the Android HMD smartphone manufactured by the Holland will bring new growth. Similar to NOKIA, another former giant BlackBerry also choose to outsource the smart phone, the new BlackBerry devices produced by third parties will soon be listed. Intelligent mobile phone market but never a lack of competition, Samsung is from last year's Note 7 bombings Pactrometer battles, including LG and HUAWEI and other second tier manufacturers also have to launch new products.

At the same time, the mobile phone market is not a lack of consumers.

These products always attract hungry buyers. The professional services group Accenture (Accenture) conducted a survey of 26 thousand global consumers, found that there are 54% people in the new year to buy a smart mobile phone, especially in India and the majority of consumers China.

This is an exciting news for the mobile phone industry. Earlier, according to another well-known market research firm Gartner survey, in 2016 the mobile phone market growth rate fell to 5% from the previous year's $14%. Homogenization of the various brands of smart phones is considered to be one of the causes of weak demand. Because 82% of the smart phones are dependent on the Google Android system customization, manufacturers, seeking differentiation is not easy.

Accenture electronics and high-tech business, general manager of global David Sovie, said voice control functions should be helpful to enhance sales. "People are increasingly accepting services driven by artificial intelligence, such as voice assistants. It is also pushing up the market."

The arrival of 5G is expected to become the focus of the conference hot, but technological advances conceal practice lag, for many people in the world today, for any network connection is not easy. Telecommunications companies have begun to provide network solutions for remote areas, including the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and balloons, the network can not reach the traditional base stations.

The problem is even more pronounced in developing countries, which have yet to achieve basic network coverage. Last year, Facebook tried to use the near earth satellite to Africa to bring the network, unfortunately, their satellites with the SpaceX Falcon rocket explosion accident and no longer exist. Facebook's frustration has, on the other hand, shown to the world that providing the latest telecommunications infrastructure is not expensive, and tricky.

"The world is getting closer," said Paul Lee, head of technology, media and communications at DDT. "But there are still billions of people out of the network. Mobile Internet close to $5 billion, there are more than $2 billion to be completed. Network level is uneven. Currently there are about 200 operators have not yet launched 4G services, and some operators may enter 5G this year."

In addition to poor network connectivity in remote areas, the network has been connected to the network quality needs to be improved. More than 1 million of UK households and businesses are considered to be too slow broadband, and even in urban areas, 4G networks can not guarantee full coverage. According to a foreign company called OpenSignal wireless data, has led the mobile industry in the United Kingdom, and now 4G coverage in the world ranked only 54.

GSMA director Mats Granryd believes that for more people to provide a mobile network can significantly improve the quality of life. For example, electronic money allows people to extract and transfer funds through the phone, which is not popular in some traditional banks have been involved in the region is very popular. Similarly, there is a non-contact mobile payment technology. In 93 countries there are about 500 million mobile payment users, mainly in Africa and asia.

Gartner bank and vice president of investment services Christophe Uzureau said that the rapid development of mobile finance, with great convenience. Such as the Alibaba in China Alipay can help Chinese tourists make international payment. Upgrading of technology is closely related to the improvement of network connection.

The emergence of 5G network can accelerate the development of digital services. However GSMA
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