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Battery circuit board | new mobile phone battery technology? Maybe 10 years!

2017-02-16 18:28:23

"The battery of the digital device is not durable," said the battery wiring board. Powerful smartphones need to charge every day, tablet, laptop can only live up to more than ten hours, if you still have a Apple Watch, sorry, you need to charge it every day. Obviously, the growth of battery technology is not consistent with the performance of the equipment, as well as some unfortunate battery explosion cases occur frequently, then when people can use a stable, long-lasting new battery?

Current status: improved battery technology is not popular

As a variety of advanced battery technology is still in the research and development stage, if you want to achieve business in a short time, based on the current lithium battery technology is clearly the most realistic. For example, LG has been used in the design of a layered lithium ion battery on the G2 mobile phone, the capacity can be increased by 16%; Qualcomm's rapid charging technology, from another direction to change the battery experience. Of course, these technologies have not fundamentally changed the instability of lithium batteries, short life defects.
We have also seen some different direction of attempts, such as the introduction of the current market in Europe and the United States Upp fuel cell fuel cell mobile power, can convert the hydrogen into electricity, battery life is very long, the inconvenience is the need to purchase fuel box. In addition, Japan and other markets also have a number of integrated solar charging board phone, ready to absorb light and converted into electricity, but the device itself is still dependent on lithium batteries.

The new battery is still far away

So, the future of battery technology? Unfortunately, it is led by the Stanford University, University of California at Riverside of the lithium anode battery silicon solar cells, the University of California at San Diego created "battery tattoo" (which can be charged by the absorption of human sweat), nano generator NOKIA and queen Marie University of London cooperation "(by absorbing ambient noise power), sounds too fantasy, they are the biggest the problem is to work, but can only be achieved in the laboratory and other extreme environments, the scientists haven't found the commercial method. In addition, apple, Google, Dyson and other consumer giants are also actively cooperate with the battery manufacturers, hoping to get a breakthrough, but the short term is difficult to have great progress.
It sounds a bit pessimistic, but the truth is. As a kind of lithium battery technology is the most mature, low cost, easy production, and will soon disappear; while the new battery technology will need a very long time to solve problems, to achieve efficient, stable, easy to use package basic conditions, have commercial potential, may need 5-10 years, or even more will be achieved.

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