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PCB factory information: mobile phones can detect sperm quality? Don't waste it

2017-02-16 18:27:02

Today, the smart phone has become an indispensable tool for public life and entertainment, but also more and more functional expansion and gradually linked to the smartphone. Yes, including smart wear, smart home and even to the future of home care. This is not? PCB small factory today want to share with you is that this can be connected to the smart phone sperm quality tester. Words ready to monkey men can do, "Lu" prepared!

The sperm quality detector called "YO Sperm Test", in short, is a miniature microscope coupled with a test paper accessories. Usage is very simple: the equipment installed in the mobile phone at the top, and then roll out, using paper stick on the semen, placed in the slot in the test paper. Then, open the YO application, you can see the sperm movement speed, quantity, etc..

Obviously, many men did not go to the hospital to check the quality of love "tadpole", after all, in a room "line" is really awkward. But for the recent plans to create a family, it is necessary to check it, YO Sperm Test is obviously a very good self-test gadget. It is worth mentioning that the PCB factory is a small, the accuracy rate of up to 97%, in addition to access to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) certification, not a cottage thing, or very reliable.

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